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Speech and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

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Speech and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy in the Houston, TX area

My name is Karen Dulyunan, and I am an ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist and IAOM Certified Orofacial Myologist with over 15 years of experience with communication and Myofunctional disorders.

I work closely with local specialists, such as Pediatricians, Dentists, and Orthodontists to ensure you have the best care in your myofunctional journey towards better orofacial development.

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Therapies offered

I offer a variety of speech and language therapies

Speech Therapy

Therapy for correcting sound distortions, increasing receptive and expressive language, and enhancing fluency. I use PROMPT in my therapy sessions. 

Accent Reduction

An elective service for reducing or modifying a foreign accent or dialect that will make you better understood within your community.

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

A medically necessary therapy targeting oral resting posture, nasal breathing, and swallowing.  The strengthened muscles and function will improve speech clarity.  All patients have customized treatment plans.


All therapies and services begin with an initial consultation or an evaluation.  I diagnose Tongue Ties, and prepare patients for pre and post surgical release.

Feeding Therapy

Therapy for infant feeding, and improving the breastfeeding dyad.  I also use a Responsive Feeding approach to individuals who are picky eaters.


Therapy and cognitive rehabilitation following a brain injury or stroke.

COVID-19 Precautions

I want to keep all patients safe during the Pandemic.  Upon arrival, individuals will have a health screening and temperature checked.  All surfaces are sanitized in-between treatment sessions.  There is a medical grade air purifier in the waiting room.  

Mandatory face coverings for ages 10+.    Plexiglass barriers and face shields are used when masks are removed during therapy.


I also operate in a hybrid setting.  I offer in-person sessions and virtual sessions via a HIPAA compliant Zoom account.

Happy Stories

Ms. Karen has helped my son, Koi, so much.  He was in a terrible accident and began to have problems with his speech.  After coming to Ms. Karen, I have seen such a difference in my son.  He is talking non-stop now. I am grateful to Ms. Karen.  Her love and dedication has truly helped my little boy, Koi.



Ms. Karen is awesome!  She has done wonders for our son.  Not only is Abdullah communicating better, his confidence level has also sky rocketed!



“Best speech teacher in the world”



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