I am selling the Milk Saver, by Milkies!  Made to fit in your nursing bra, it is a cup that collects milk from your non-nursing side while breastfeeding.  I am a personal testament to the product.  In one good nursing day, I would save 10 ounces of milk.  That is milk I would have thrown away if it were to be collected in a nursing pad. Milk Saver

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  • “The best thing ever!  I only pump once a week now as the milk saver does the rest for me :)”–Janell.
  • “Loooove it.”–Thalia.
  • “I’ve been using it with C, and I can get up to 60cc at times. Definitely helping to build up my milk stock before heading back to work! Wish I knew about it with A.”–Grace  
  • I’ve been using Milk Saver and it is great! It is definitely useful. I never realized how much milk was going to waste dripping into a nursing pad! I would recommend this to anyone wanting to store some milk!–Billie R.

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